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The Job Market Is Hot – But Is It Really The Time To Start Ghosting Each Other

2 December 2021

By Kim Ritchie, Director, Eden Ritchie Recruitment


As is typical of the job market cycle we are in an upward trend, Australia is experiencing growth in most sectors of the market, but in Queensland we are seeing unprecedented demand for labour hire and contract workers.  By all accounts data predicts the contingent workforce will reach 25% over the coming year and the demand for flexible and agile contractors will most likely be higher than pre-COVID demands.


Queensland is already a mature contracting market and skilled contractors now seem to have more choices than anytime over the previous 5 years.  What does this mean for all parties involved in the transaction – the Employer, the Recruiter, the Candidate?  Here are a few home truths:


  • Contrary to belief, Employers don’t have unlimited budgets and rarely get into bidding wars to secure a contractor for a project
  • When a contract is offered for a 6 month term, for example, that is typically what the budget is set for, contractors shouldn’t interview for a role then demand a longer tenure or higher rates when offered the position – these are unreasonable demands
  • Employers can’t sit on resumes for more than a few days and expect strong candidates to still be available
  • Employers shouldn’t offer successful candidates less than the rate confirmed up front or reduce the tenure of the contract
  • Some candidates are now expecting offers without an interview, this will never be the case, 90% fit to role is about you as a person and your cultural fit to an organisation


Yes, the market is moving at a rapid pace and yes everyone believes they are the best contractor or employee in the market, but everyone needs to remember this is just a moment in time and the cycle can and will change on a dime.


Open communication is the key, don’t put off the hard conversations.  Maintain professionalism and don’t ghost the Recruiter.

– Contractors, if you don’t want the job, don’t accept an interview or offer, then be a “no show”

– Employers, if you don’t like the resumes or have found another candidate, don’t leave everyone hanging for 4 weeks, all we ask for is feedback.

– And Recruiters, give candidates the same level of courtesy you expect and return emails and phone calls – at the end of the day that is what you are paid to do………..


As with all things in life, none of us can afford to burn bridges.


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