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Spring cleaning your workspace to help your headspace

16 September 2021

By Linda Parker, Executive Manager, Eden Ritchie Recruitment 


We are only a couple of weeks into spring but the amount of people I have spoken to in the past few days have all had one thing in common … they have consciously and actively made time for de-cluttering and spring cleaning. This past weekend was a productive and strangely satisfying one for me, I’m not sure if it was the warm sunshine or if I was just tired of trying to select a new show to binge … but I managed to donate three bags of clothes to charity and clean my windows and I felt so motivated by it.


While spring cleaning is typically synonymous with our homes it can also be valuable in the work place.


Here are a four simple things to consider that can make subtle but very real differences to your wellbeing, mindset and productivity at work:


Do you have a clear desk, office or working space?

Clutter on your desk is subliminally acknowledged via your peripheral vision and can unknowingly impact your level of concentration. Taking time out to clear out or tidy up your workspace can significantly improve your ability to focus. This can extend to your computer desktop and filing system.


Do you have a load of unread emails in your inbox?

I know this is not necessarily an issue for some people (and they will know who they are when reading this), but for me it makes an enormous difference to have a well-managed inbox that is not full of unread messages and old or obsolete emails.


Are you saying yes to unimportant tasks that prevent you from completing important tasks?

While tackling tasks that can produce ‘quick wins’ is often appealing, procrastinating over the more important and time consuming tasks can eventually keep you awake at night. Try to minimise the number of additional, less important tasks you say yes to in order to give yourself time to focus on the bigger wins.


Are you taking time out during the day for yourself?

You are not going to be productive or useful to anyone if you are not looking after yourself. Why not spring clean your daily routine by taking simple steps such as: removing yourself from your work space to eat lunch, taking a short walk at lunchtime, performing some chair yoga, or taking time to maintain a connection with work colleagues.


Managing your overall wellbeing is always important and shouldn’t be limited to one season, but what better time to start than now.


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