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Judy Richards

2 November 2020

In 2014 – 15, I had the pleasure of working for Eden Ritchie as a locum Consultant for approximately 1 year.  I was very fortunate to have mostly back to back assignments/placements in various places from the Torres Strait to Central Queensland.  It was a very exciting time in my career both professionally and personally.  Sue from Eden Ritchie was absolutely fabulous in ensuring that communication between the client and I was timely, contracting precise, flights and accommodation organised, and keeping in contact during the assignment to ensure all was going well.  Sue also sourced subsequent placements for me which ensured that work was suitable and ongoing.  I have since taken up permanent employment again, but my ‘gap year’ with Eden Ritchie was a richly rewarding experience.  I would highly recommend Eden Ritchie to anybody seeking assistance with assignments/placements in the future.

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