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Outplacement Services

4 November 2020

With significant experience and a successful track record in outplacement support services to a range of public and private sector organisations for all levels of positions in the business.

We work alongside Managers during periods of significant change and restructuring to case manage employees unsuccessful in a recruitment process or following change, may no longer have a position. 

The services delivered are on an as needs basis and reflective of the unique requirements of both the organisation and employee. Our outplacement and support services entail:

  • Working with candidates to determine their strengths and weaknesses and how to best match these to future career choices.
  • Professional resume and application writing, interview preparation and training (both behavioural and competency based).
  • Critique and assessment of interview performance,
  • The approach to market in terms of identifying job opportunities
  • Additional sourcing techniques utilising social media and networking sites including LinkedIn.

As expert recruiters we provide professional, independent advice and up-to-date information on the current job market across every sector. This flexible service offering allows employers and employees to select elements of the service they require in each instance. We also have a standard outplacement service offering tailored to delivery to individuals or in a group arrangement.

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