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Principal Officer/ Consultant

Principal Officer/ Consultant

  • 3 month contract with possible 12 weeks extension
  • Brisbane CBD location

As the Principal Officer/ Consultant, your role will include:

  • Managing an organisational element involved in the administration or co-ordination to achieve a result in line with the corporate goals of the department.
  • Developing policy and/or providing policy, financial, specific subject matter or administrative advice, including specialist advice or undertaking high level project work.
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing policy instructions and administrative or specialist procedures for the guidance of functional elements of the office.
  • Initiating and formulating recommendations for office programs.
  • Processing representations to the Minister, preparing replies to Parliamentary Questions, preparing Briefing Notes for senior level Managers, assisting in the preparation of Cabinet Submissions and correspondence.
  • Liaising with other government bodies and community organisations including the preparation of public information on programs, activities or services.
  • Representing the office at meetings, conferences or seminars.
  • Work undertaken at this level may also be required to deal with a complex and diverse operating environment.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working with broad direction on tasks that are of a complex or specific nature and act accordingly, making decisions that impact on the business unit and may also have significant effects elsewhere within the department.
  • Using or allocating resources within the constraints or guidelines laid down by senior management.
  • Developing and coordinating guidelines, rules, regulations, procedures or instructions for either staff or other interested parties.

Capabilities include:

  • Management skills and the abilities necessary to monitor resource allocations, evaluate program effectiveness, manage staff and resources, formulate policy initiatives and develop corporate strategy proposals are usually required at this level.
  • A knowledge of financial program management practices appropriate to the program or activity or corporate goal of the organisational element in which a position is located, are usually required at this level.
  • A high level of discipline, a detailed knowledge of both government policies and procedures and an appreciation of their application in relation to office operations.
  • The ability to undertake personnel management functions and to plan, develop and implement programmes associated with equal employment opportunity, occupational health and safety, and staff development and counselling within the department.
  • The ability to interpret and provide advice on legislation, regulations, instructions or other guideline material relating to the policies, operations or functions of the work area; and the capacity to undertake specific or major research, investigations or reviews and prepare associated papers or reports.
  • Liaison and communication skills of a high order, including the capacity and ability to negotiate or communicate on behalf of the department with clients or other interested groups, perhaps to finality, may be needed.

If this role sounds like you, please APPLY NOW submitting your resume in WORD format.

If you would like more information or to discuss the role, please contact Alison Detaille on 07 3230 0038

Job Reference: 593511

To apply for this job please visit apply.recruitwizard.com.

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