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Financial Management Expert & Project Workstream Lead

Eden Ritchie is seeking a Financial Management Expert & Project Workstream Lead to establish and lead an Infrastructure Financial Workstream of the BPCM Project to significantly uplift the maturity, and address outstanding external audit issues, related to infrastructure financial management, including capital budget management, project financial management, asset accounting and project financial delivery performance.

  • 12-month contract with possible extension
  • Brisbane CBD location

We are seeking a candidate with relevant tertiary qualifications, extensive infrastructure financial management capabilities, experience with business transformation/improvement initiatives and previous experience at a senior/executive level.

As the Financial Management Expert & Project Workstream Lead, your key responsibilities will include:

  • Review available documentation and performance reports
  • Consult key stakeholders on approach to undertaking the workstream and to seek input on opportunities to uplift maturity of infrastructure financial management
  • Compile and seek stakeholder feedback & agreement on a Workstream Project Management Plan
  • Review current processes for identifying, applying, reviewing and sign-off of CAPEX and OPEX breakdown of IIP program and project budgets
  • Review and clarify the purpose of each program of funding i.e. what are the acceptable use/s of funding under each program
  • Review the quantity of programs in the IIP and determine where opportunities exist to reduce the number of programs by combining programs of funding
  • Review historic actual expenditure and budget to compare end-of-financial year expenditure trends and identify monthly expenditure trends
  • Review approach to program level profiling (forecasting)
  • Review approach to estimating and updating project cashflows
  • Review approach to management of monthly project accruals
  • Undertake approach to “S-Curve” analysis (i.e. predicted accumulative project costs across the project lifecycle)
  • Review approach for identifying, managing and re-allocating ‘trapped capital’ and contingency over the life of a project e.g. surplus funding available due to estimated or actual project costs being less than the allocated project budget
  • Review financial delivery performance measures, targets and escalation tolerances
  • Review approach for allocation of project funding, variation of project funding and application of Financial Delegations for associated financial approvals
  • Review approach to management of IIP budget adjustments (ATMs) across current financial year and the forward estimates period
  • Review approach to over-allocation of IIP funding i.e. where funding allocated to a program in a particular financial year is greater than the available funding for that program
  • Review existing reporting requirements, reporting process and format & content of reports produced, considering matters such as financial thresholds, options for improved summary level reports/health checks/dashboards, etc.
  • Review roles & responsibilities related to infrastructure financial management
  • Raise awareness of the importance of uplifting infrastructure financial management
  • Recommend and seek stakeholder agreement on improvements to uplift infrastructure financial management
  • Manage Implementation of improvements
  • Produce an Infrastructure Financial Management Manual and presentation/training material that incorporates controls, protocols, procedures, guidelines, performance measures
  • Compile and seek stakeholder feedback on a project completion report

 Qualifications and experience:


  • Tertiary qualification in finance, accountancy, commerce or economics


  • Extensive infrastructure financial management capabilities, including:
  • Capital budget development & governance
  • Project financial management (such as project cashflows, project accruals, budget variation management, etc.)
  • Asset accounting (eg. non-current asset accounting policy, asset capitalisation, etc.) and
  • Project delivery performance (eg. financial performance reporting, etc)
  • External audit requirements
  • Current membership with an accredited professional body, such as CPA Australia (Certified Practicing Accountants) or ICAA (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia)
  • Experience in leading, or making a significant contribution to, business transformation/improvement and/or change management initiatives, including initiatives focussed on uplifting maturity of infrastructure financial management practices
  • Previous experience at a senior/executive level

If this role sounds like you, please APPLY NOW submitting your resume in WORD format.

If you would like more information or to discuss the role, please contact Luuk Piet on 07 3230 0028

Job Reference: 593309

To apply for this job please visit apply.recruitwizard.com.

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